Texas Job Creators Say Perry Is Turning His Back On Texas

William Schubert, President of International Trade & Transportation Inc. and former Chief of the U.S. Maritime Administration under President George W. Bush: “Shame on Governor Perry for turning his back on workers in Texas who are finding new growth opportunities abroad to drive growth here at home. I dont know who the likes of Rick Perry is listening to, but it surely isnt the people of Texas.”

Tyler Schroeder, Financial Analyst, Air Tractor (Onley, TX): “It’s deeply disturbing to hear that former Texas Gov. Perry has changed his mind and put political ideology ahead of hard working middle class families. As we are becoming accustomed to in this debate, many have failed to recognize Ex-Im Bank’s impact on small businesses to compete on the global stage. If Gov. Perry truly cared about “moral credibility” he would take into consideration the good of ALL businesses, not just large companies that easily feed his justification. There is no alternative to Ex-Im Bank for small businesses.”

Joint Statement from Chris Wallace, President of the Texas Association of Business, and Tony Bennett, President of the Texas Association of Manufacturers:  “Our state knows firsthand the kind of growth and opportunity that comes from global trade and export sales. During Governor Perry’s last year in office, exports from Texas accounted for nearly 18 percent of all U.S. export sales. The proposed reform legislation that has been introduced in Congress enjoys bipartisan support and focuses on the issues that Governor Perry addresses. Ex-Im is too important for our country to allow political ambitions to come before the companies and employees who rely on Ex-Im for jobs at home.”