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Thank you for standing with job creators in your district by supporting reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank. Even though an overwhelming, bipartisan majority in the Senate voted to reauthorize the Ex-Im Bank in July, Congress left for its August recess without completing its job.

It is time for Congress to stop playing political games with U.S. jobs and to allow a fair vote on Ex-Im. Please let congressional leadership know that you support swift reauthorization of Ex-Im.

Congress is putting the success of U.S. exporters and suppliers at risk. In fact, every day the Ex-Im Bank stays closed is a gift to our foreign competitors, who have generous support from their own export credit agencies. By failing to reauthorize the Ex-Im Bank, Congress is forcing companies like mine to forfeit opportunities. Deals that could have supported U.S. jobs will now be taken up by my foreign competitors, effectively shipping jobs overseas to my competitors. The Ex-Im Bank enabled an estimated $27.5 billion of U.S. exports in 2014, supporting about 164,000 high-quality U.S. jobs.

The only way for Congress to minimize the damage they have already caused is by voting to reauthorize the Ex-Im Bank as soon as they return to Washington in September. Job creators across the country have made their support for Ex-Im clear. Now it’s time for Congress to act. U.S. workers and job creators deserve a vote on Ex-Im reauthorization not continued uncertainty and inaction.

Thank you for recognizing the importance of Ex-Im for small businesses and suppliers across our district. U.S. workers cannot wait any longer for Congress to delay a decision on the Ex-Im Bank. The competitiveness of our exporters depends on its reauthorization.

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