US Grocery Company Exports With Ex-Im Bank

US International Foods LLC – St. Louis, Missouri

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US International Foods LLC meets the world’s growing demand for safe, high quality, American food from its office in St. Louis, Missouri. With four employees in St. Louis and one in Shanghai, US International Foods is creating jobs at home and abroad.

Founded in 2011, US International Foods is a domestically-based exporter of American grocery products. David Shogren, COO, explains: “We focus on exporting food and beverages from the USA to China and other markets in Asia. We work with many small and medium-sized manufacturers to help them export.” Many other small American businesses rely on US International Foods to expand their sales and create new jobs.

As the middle class grows in many developing markets, so too does demand for American food. U.S.-produced food is held to higher safety standards, and the United States is widely known for its high-quality products. However, American exporters often confront barriers when transporting their goods.

One agreement that will help US International Foods expand its business is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Successful implementation of the TPP will streamline regulations, reduce duties, and make US International Foods more competitive in an array of Asian markets, including Malaysia, Vietnam, and Japan, and possibly South Korea and the Philippines in the future. Getting the TPP negotiations across the finish line should be a priority to help US International Foods boost their sales and directly and indirectly create more U.S. jobs.

US International Foods is also a user of the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im). Like many other small and medium-sized U.S. exporters, US International Foods uses Ex-Im’s accounts receivable insurance. “ExIm bank is a key component to our continued growth,” says Shogren. “ExIm bank’s credit insurance is an essential tool that lets us break into foreign markets and expand our workforce.”