Trade Acceptance Group, Ltd.

Trade Acceptance Group, Ltd. – Edina, MN

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In 1996, after numerous years within the international banking industry, Leslie Bergland and the founding principals of Trade Acceptance Group, Ltd. (TAG) decided that U.S. small and medium-sized enterprises needed a champion to provide innovative trade finance solutions to help maximize export opportunities and minimize risk.

Although primarily a Midwestern-based specialty financial services company, their reach is worldwide.  With six full-time employees they are able to serve the diverse needs of American small and medium-sized enterprises looking to secure the accounts receivable insurance and working capital they need to bring their products and services to countries across the world.

“Ex-Im Bank is critical to our business and our customers’ business,” said Leslie Bergland, Principal of TAG. “80% of our customers won’t be able to hire more Americans or grow their business here at home without support from the Ex-Im Bank.”

As a seasoned veteran within the industry Leslie added, “Day in and day out we work with our customers to help find solutions for them to grow and remain competitive. It’s a tough market internationally and there aren’t good alternatives to the Ex-Im Bank. Unfortunately, many banks and the private sector aren’t equipped or interested in helping fill the void. If they were, they would already be doing so.”

As a small business owner Leslie knows firsthand that if Congress doesn’t take action before June too many American jobs will be lost and that’s why Leslie will be traveling to Washington, DC later this month to share her story with Members of Congress and urge them to keep the Ex-Im Bank open for business.