The McGregor Metalworking Companies

The McGregor Metalworking Companies – Springfield, OH

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Since its founder first purchased a small tool and die shop in 1965, The McGregor Metalworking Companies has grown from a humble eight employees into a local manufacturing powerhouse employing nearly 400 workers with $95 million in sales last year. Headquartered in Springfield, OH, today McGregor Metalworking’s business stretches across multiple facilities around Ohio and one in South Carolina.

As its name makes clear, the company specializes in metal: stamping it, spinning it, machining it, welding it and assembling it. The end results of their efforts run the gamut, from the smallest of components, to complete power generation units that are made up of thousands of individual parts and provide electricity to locomotives. These products may ultimately end up in use around the world, as some of the companies McGregor supplies frequently use their parts in larger equipment, like the locomotives, that are exported and sold on the global marketplace.

For those McGregor customers, the Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank is a critical tool for securing the types of international deals which include McGregor products. If the Ex-Im Bank wasn’t available, McGregor’s customers would not be able to stay competitive against foreign corporations that offer competing products, and might order fewer parts from McGregor when their own sales suffer.

“The Ex-Im Bank is very important to our customers, which makes it very important to us,” says Jamie McGregor, Vice President of Business Development and grandson of the company’s founder. Mr. McGregor will be traveling to Washington, D.C. later in February to meet with Congressional leaders about why supporting the Ex-Im Bank is critical for local employers like McGregor Metalworking. “It will have a profound and direct impact on our workforce and our business if the bank’s charter is not renewed. We have seen tremendous progress made with our economic recovery recently, especially in manufacturing, and this is not the time to put that at risk.”