Texas-Based Computer Accessory Company Needs More Than A Band-Aid

ITAC Systems – Garland, Texas

ITAC Systems is a Garland, Texas-based company that manufactures high-end trackball point-and-control devices and industrial-grade keyboards. ITAC founder Bob McLaughlin found that a typical mouse was causing excessive wrist pain from the repetitive motions.

Mr. McLaughlin used this problem as an inspiration to design a product that is used in industrial applications, manufacturing, in the medical industry, and in other high use functions.

Jo Anne Ross, ITAC Systems president and owner, has been with the company for 24 years. In this time, the four-employee company has grown into a global company with sales going to many different countries, particularly in Europe.

ITAC Systems is one of the thousands of small businesses that rely on the Ex-Im Bank to support sales abroad when the private sector is unable to provide the necessary financing.

For over 15 years, ITAC has used the Bank’s insurance program for their international receivables. Ms. Ross said the Ex-Im Bank “offers flexibility on purchasing units and allows us to extend payment terms.”

The Ex-Im Bank offers ITAC Systems more time to develop business, but without a long-term reauthorization, that will have to go away.

Ms. Ross says the recent short-term reauthorization “sounds like a Band-Aid to me.”

Already, the uncertainty around the Ex-Im Bank is something Ms. Ross says she will need to keep on the back-burner, keeping in mind “how much I need to start pulling in.”


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