Tell Congress To Vote For Ex-Im Reauthorization Tonight

Congress let the Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank charter expire back in June. Tonight, the House of Representatives is finally scheduled to take up the issue as they begin the process of voting on Ex-Im reauthorization. We need your help to make sure Members of Congress seize this opportunity to help U.S. job creators and workers.


Here’s how you can make sure Congress votes for reauthorization:


1)  Call and tell your Member to vote yes on all votes that are a part of the reauthorization process in the House. You can use our handy online tool to do so. If you cannot talk to anyone directly, be sure to leave a message for your Member to listen to when he/she returns to the office.


2) Sign a letter urging your member to vote for reauthorization using our online tool.


3) Post one or more of the following tweets:


4) Spread the word. Let others know what is at stake tonight and that they can take action to get Ex-Im reauthorized.