Team Hardinger

Team Hardinger – Erie, PA

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Team Hardinger – based in Erie, Pennsylvania – is a leading full service provider of trucking and transportation, warehousing, and value added services. The name Hardinger has been around since 1800s, and the business was purchased by two friends in 1969, who grew it from a one truck operation to 65 trucks, 150 employees and nearly 500,000 square feet of warehouse space.

Harold Bender, General Manager, has been at the company 6.5 years. Until recently, he’d only heard about Ex-Im in theory.

“For years, it was one of those geopolitical things you half pay attention to. We’re nose down in our business every day and you don’t realize or feel the impact it can have on our local economy.”

Now, he’s become intimately aware of the Ex-Im bank and just how much of his customers’ business it enables, and looks forward to visiting Washington, DC to lend his voice and support.