Urge Congress to Act on a Long-Term Reauthorization for the Export-Import Bank!

I am writing to you today to let you know that I support the Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank because it is a critical tool to expanding U.S. exports and jobs in a competitive global economy. I am glad to hear the U.S. House of Representatives recently voted to reauthorize Ex-Im, and I hope that Congress will work to send a bill to the President’s desk as quickly as possible.

This year, 313 members of the House — a supermajority — and 67 Senators have voted to reauthorize Ex-Im. With a majority in both chambers on record supporting Ex-Im, it’s time for Congress to work together to finish the job for the sake U.S. job creators and workers nationwide.

We have already seen the negative consequences of the lapse in the Ex-Im Bank’s charter. Deals have been lost, and jobs have been put in jeopardy. As just one example, a manufacturer in Fort Worth, Texas, told reporters that he will have to lay off 25 people because its export deal is on hold without Ex-Im Bank financing. U.S. manufacturers should be able to seize upon new growth opportunities, not watch them fall by the wayside because of political games in Congress.

There are millions of jobs supported by U.S. exports, and thousands of U.S. companies have utilized the Ex-Im Bank as a tool for growth. Both chambers of Congress have now voted overwhelmingly in favor of reauthorization. Although the House and Senate passed the same legislation, they were packaged differently. Please work with your colleagues to ensure a long-term reauthorization gets to the President’s desk as quickly as possible and oppose any attempts by Ex-Im opponents to delay the Bank’s reauthorization any longer. It makes no sense to ask U.S. manufacturers to wait one more day to regain access to this critical export tool.

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