Ohio Manufacturer Relies On Ex-Im Bank As A Tool In The Tool Belt

Cauffiel Corp. – Toledo, Ohio

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As the chief executive officer of a manufacturing business that specializes in custom designs and fabrications, Ben McGilvery understands that the purchasing options for each customer are as important as making the machinery exactly to specification.

For this reason, Mr. McGilvery offers financing from the U.S. Export-Import Bank to ensure that he – and his 21 employees – can deliver products to foreign customers and that his company gets paid.

“There has always been a lot of stability in the U.S., and it’s beneficial to offer Ex-Im,” he said. But Mr. McGilvery says a future without the Bank will leave the U.S. with “one less tool in the tool belt.”

Mr. McGilvery’s company, Cauffiel Corp. is based in Toledo, Ohio, but sells to customers on every continent. They have supplied systems to countries throughout Asia, Africa, Europe and South America – exports that make up about 50 percent of Cauffiel’s total sales. In each of these countries, Cauffiel and other small and medium-sized businesses face language barriers and other obstacles to trade.

Mr. McGilvery said his customers try to find financing from local banks and lenders before turning to the Ex-Im Bank. When those other options don’t exist, Ex-Im Bank allows Cauffiel to complete sales that otherwise couldn’t have been made.

Cauffiel has been in business since 1953 and has evolved to become specialists in metals processing equipment and solutions. Cauffiel provides custom mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic-engineered designs to meet customer specifications.

Mr. McGilvery joined the Cauffiel team as a mechanical design engineer in 2004. His passion for equipment manufacturing and customer assistance led him to purchase Cauffiel in 2012 and the company is a growing global supplier for custom manufacturing, installation and operator training.