How Ex-Im Bank Benefits Taxpayer

New report by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that Ex-Im would generate $14 billion over 10 years using congressionally mandated accounting methods. Read More

Authorize the Export, Import bank

We’re all familiar with car loans and home mortgages. They make it possible for consumers to make major purchases without paying cash up front. Responsibly done, everyone benefits – the purchasers, car dealers, autoworkers, realtors, construction crews and suppliers. Read More

Yes, This Government Agency Helps American Workers

A June 4 Think Tank post by Salim Furth challenged the Export-Import Bank’s role in helping small business. What about Ex-Im’s role in supporting small exporters? Read More

Unilateral Disarmament: Unsound Defense Policy, Unwise Industrial Policy

Russia is trying to rebuild its former empire and it looks like it’s succeeding in Crimea and Ukraine. Meanwhile, economists point out that the Chinese economy is larger than that of the United States, and Beijing intends to expand its military power. Read More

U.S. Chamber: Myths & Facts: The Export-Import Bank of the United States

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Reagan’s Ex-Im Bank Reforms Still Paying Dividends

The lender that reaped $1 billion in 2013 deserves reauthorization. Read More

Tom Donohue: Export-Import Bank Offers Big Opportunity for Small Businesses

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Arizona Needs What Export-Import Bank Offers to Help Grow State Economy

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Exporters For Ex-Im: Texas Small Business Expanding To New Markets Thanks To Ex-Im

Ex-Im Is Mandated To Allocate 20 Percent Of Its Funding To Small Businesses, Says NAM. Read More