Two Senators From Opposing Parties Support Ex-Im Bank

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) said Monday he will likely unveil a bipartisan legislative proposal with Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank as soon as this week. Read More

Here Are 5 Things You Should Know About Ex-Im Bank

reated in 1934, the Export-Import Bank supports U.S. exports by providing buyers with loans and credit guarantees. The bank also provides U.S. companies with insurance to protect against non-payment and guarantees for working capital loans Read More

Business demands vote from House on Export-Import Bank

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other business groups on Monday demanded that Congress give an up-or-down vote on extending the Export-Import Bank’s charter. Read More

Business groups step up fight on Ex-Im Bank

A day after the incoming House majority leader said he supports letting the charter of the Export-Import bank expire later this year, two powerful business groups said Monday that they are stepping up their fight to keep the bank in business. Read More

Ex-Im Bank Reauthorization: ‘This Is About Jobs And Competitiveness’

Rep. Kevin McCarthy is famously social but in one of his first interviews as the House majority leader, the California Republican wasn’t winning any friends at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers. Read More

Keep Export-Import Bank: Our view

One of the most vexing economic developments in recent decades has been the decline in manufacturing jobs. An industry that employed nearly 25% of the workforce in the 1970s today accounts for only 7.8% Read More

Opinion: Reagan Would Have Fought For Ex-Im Bank

In the decade since Ronald Reagan’s death, appraisals of the U.S.’s 40th president have focused on his policies’ bold colorings. To help end the Cold War, he first demonstrated to Soviet leaders the folly of trying to keep up with a technologically advanced American military. Read More

A Conservative Take on the Ex-Im Bank

“The Eximbank contributes in a significant way to our nation’s export sales.” — President Ronald Reagan, January 30, 1984 Read More

Hensarling Wrong on Ex-Im Bank: Manufacturers’ Group

House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling is “completely wrong” in opposing renewal of the U.S. Export-Import Bank’s charter, National Association of Manufacturers President Jay Timmons said. Read More