More Than 650 Small, Mid-Sized Businesses Urge Lawmakers To Support The Ex-Im Bank

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Kate Bernard
Exporters for Ex-Im Coalition
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Washington, DC – Leaders from more than 650 small- and medium-sized businesses and business organizations from 41 states are conducting more than 400 meetings with members of Congress and their staff today to urge them to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank on a long-term basis. These businessmen and women traveled to the nation’s capital—from their own shopfloors on their own dime—because the Ex-Im Bank is critical to ensuring they can continue to compete abroad and hire in the United States.

The Ex-Im Bank is up for reauthorization June 30th, but Congress shouldn’t wait until the last minute to reauthorize it. Businesses face enough uncertainty already and future export sales are at risk. Congress should pass a long-term reauthorization of the Ex-Im Bank now. Supporting the Ex-Im Bank means support U.S. jobs. Voting against the Bank means supporting jobs overseas. Congress should listen to their constituents and reauthorize Ex-Im now.