Large Indiana Company Supports Jobs With Ex-Im Bank

Draper Inc. – Henry County, Indiana

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With 500 employees, Draper Inc. is the largest private-sector employer in Henry County, Indiana. Begun as a window shade manufacturer, Draper’s business has expanded to include projection screens, solar control coverings and gym equipment. The firm has been in business since 1902, and during that entire time, Draper Inc. has never laid off a single employee. Draper also relies on the Ex-Im Bank.

When credit was tight in Mexico in 2007, one of Draper’s customers was J&S Mexico, a company that met the rental & staging needs of numerous conference destinations. Through Ex-Im financing, J&S was able to purchase $50,000 of audiovisual equipment from Draper.

Once again, the Ex-Im Bank supported American jobs by financing overseas importers who buy American goods and services. Without the Ex-Im Bank, these overseas companies would in most instances turn to foreign enterprises that do enjoy backing from their own national export credit agencies. Nate LaMar, Draper’s International Regional Manager, recognizes the importance of Ex-Im Bank: “Without Ex-Im Bank, I know that many overseas customers very likely will not be able to do business with Draper.”