ICYMI: National Security Officials Call For Reauthorization Of Ex-Im

Last week, the Navy League of the United States sent a letter to Congressional leadership urging them to reauthorize the Export-Import https://exportersforexim.org/files/2015/09/bank because it has “created and sustained U.S. jobs, including mariner jobs and those tied to our national and economic security.”  


The Navy League joins a growing chorus of national security leaders including twelve former high-level U.S. officials and former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton, who have called on Congress to reauthorize the Bank’s charter.  

Please see additional highlights from these letters below.



Navy League: Ex-Im Supports Jobs That Are Vital To National Security. “The Export-Import https://exportersforexim.org/files/2015/09/bank has promoted economic growth, created and sustained u.s. jobs, including mariner jobs and those tied to our national and economic security.” (Bruce Butler, Letter To Congressional Leadership, 8/25/15)

Ex-Im Saves The Defense Department Billions Of Dollars. “Defense depends on the Merchant Marine for over 95% of our national defense sealift needs in times of war or national emergency. Replacing this sealift capacity would cost the Department of Defense billions of dollars.” (Bruce Butler, Letter To Congressional Leadership, 8/25/15)


Twelve Top Former U.S. Officials: It Would Be “Inconceivable” To Dismantle Ex-Im In The Current National Security Climate: “Indeed, many global customers require access to export credit agency funding as a prerequisite to submit a proposal. Without access to the Ex-Im Bank, US manufacturers could lose deals before they even begin to assemble their bids. To us, it is inconceivable that some in Congress could contemplate dismantling the Ex-Im Bank while the dynamics of global trade remain as they are. Unilateral disarmament has never been considered a viable defense policy, and we cannot think of a reason why it should be considered a rational export policy.” (Madeleine Albright et al., Letter To Congressional Leadership, 2/11/15)


Ex-Im Is A National Security Tool For The U.S. “Bluntly stated, the Ex-Im Bank is, therefore, also a political weapon. Whether in sales of big-ticket items that have military as well as civilian applications (such as airplanes and high-tech components), or in American exports into particularly sensitive countries and regions(such as latin America, where China is vigorously expanding its ‘commercial’ presence), the Ex-Im Bank has been an arm of U.S. national-security policy.” (John Bolton, A Reaganesque Solution To The Ex-Im Dilemma, 5/26/15)