ICYMI: Going Without Ex-Im Is “Not An Option”

Today, job creators from across the country voiced their frustrations with Congress for letting the Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank temporarily close. To see what they had to say, please read below.

Oklahoma Job Creator Says Ex-Im Is A “Vital Tool” To Strengthen Jobs. “In a world where foreign competitors offer massive subsidies to their companies, Ex-Im is a vital tool to grow American exports and strengthen private-sector jobs. As Republican U.S. Rep. Tom Cole said last year, ‘In an era when foreign governments are directly subsidizing industries, American companies are in need of a level playing field, and I believe that Ex-Im Bank does that responsibly.’” (Debbie Gann, “Gann: Supporting Ex-Im Equals Promoting U.S. Jobs,” The Journal Record, 10/22/15)


For Pennsylvania Businessman, Going Without Ex-Im Is “Not An Option.” “Going without Ex-Im is not an option because nearly 30 countries require export credit assistance for a project bid to even be considered. As long as Ex-Im remains closed, we are barred from entering the ring, and our foreign competitors, whose export credit agencies remain operational, reap the benefits.” (Jack Collins, “Put Jobs Above Politics By Voting On Ex-Im Bank,”Philadelphia Daily News, 10/23/15)

Ex-Im Helps Pennsylvania “Keep Jobs At Home.” “Pennsylvania was hit hard by the recession. We saw a lot of manufacturing jobs disappear, worsening the economic downturn. During times like those, the Export-Import https://exportersforexim.org/files/2015/10/bank helped us to keep jobs at home… Reauthorizing it is just common sense for Pennsylvania workers.” (Barb Geiger, “Congress Should Reauthorize Ex-Im,” Pottsville Mercury, 10/22/15)
Small Maryland Business Is At A “Competitive Disadvantage” Without Ex-Im. “‘There are 83 other places that have a version of Ex-Im Bank, and we find ourselves competing always with the Chinese, the South Koreans, and other people that have access to money,’ Britt said. ‘It is a competitive disadvantage, even though our product is superior, that we cannot bring the financing to the table.’” (Houston Chronicle Staff, “Fort Worth Plant Closes, Cites Lost Ex-Im Bank Support,” Houston Chronicle, 10/22/15)