ICYMI: Fincher And Luetkemeyer Highlight Reagan’s Support For Ex-Im and Its Important Small Business Jobs Impact

During today’s House Financial Services Committee hearing on Ex-Im, Rep. Stephen Fincher of Tennessee reminded the Committee that President Reagan supported the Ex-Im Bank:

“I was looking over some notes about one of our greatest presidents, President Reagan, and how he was able to guide the country in the direction of prosperity and growth, was able to make things work. And I was thinking about a lot of the policies that he championed. I wonder, in today’s political world, on the Republican side of the aisle, how many of my colleagues would politically go after President Reagan because he wasn’t, in their minds, conservative enough, which is really ridiculous because he was able to do a lot for this country with his leadership.”

Fincher went on to highlight the jobs and business impact of Ex-Im both in Tennessee and across the country:

“We have an obligation to do what’s right for the American people. And I have an obligation to work for my district. 160,000 jobs nationwide, 8300 jobs in the state of Tennessee, 116 exporting companies in the state of Tennessee.”

Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-MO), who also serves as Vice Chairman of the House Small Business Committee, added that every small business that’s testified before his committee has advocated for Ex-Im. They all say “we need it, it’s important, we have to compete.”