ICYMI: “A Vote Against Ex-Im Is A Vote To Hand U.S. Export Sales To Competitors Overseas”

This weekend, job creators from Michigan, Washington, and Texas talked about how the Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank supports jobs in their states, and thanked the House of Representatives for voting to reauthorize Ex-Im. To see what they had to say, please read below. To learn more about Ex-Im in your state, please click here.

Ex-Im Keeps “Jobs That Michigan Cannot Afford To Lose.” “The results were clear. 313 members — 73 percent of the House — voted to revive the Ex-Im Bank. They knew that a vote against Ex-Im is a vote to hand U.S. export sales to competitors overseas, outsourcing more jobs that Michigan cannot afford to lose.” (Gavin Brown, “Export-Import https://exportersforexim.org/files/2015/11/bank should be revived to aid michigan industries,” Michigan Live, 11/14/15)

Ex-Im Helps Texas Small Businesses. “Moreover, between 2007 and 2014, the bank helped more than 1,600 Texas exporters sell about $26 billion in goods, and more than half of these were small businesses.” (Express-News Editorial, “Ex-Im Bank Renewal A Big Win For Texas,” San Antonio Express News, 11/15/15)
Washington Small Business Owner Says Ex-Im Gives Him “A Sense Of Assurance.” “Before Ex-Im Bank’s backing, Basta shipped his lifts one or two at a time. He also required his customers to pre-pay. Now he can now ship a container load at a time; the credit agency guarantees payment. ‘What it does is gives us a sense of assurance that we know we’re going to get paid,’ Basta said.” (Ruby De Luna, “If Ex-Im Bank Disappears, Washington Businesses Could Suffer,” KUOW, 11/13/15)