Ex-Im Supports At Home: GA-02

Representative: Sanford D. Bishop

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Exports Supported $637,941,266
Number Of Companies Supported 10
Number Of Jobs Supported 4,076


Exports Supported ($ in Millions) $4,672
Number Of Companies Supported 205
Number Of Jobs Supported 29,855

Companies In Your District

Bain Cotton Company Blakely
Dr. T’S Nature Products Inc Pelham
Easterlin Pecan Co Inc Montezuma
Equinox Chemicals, Llc Albany
Georgian Company – Upi Macon
Lewis M. Carter Manufacturing Company, Inc. Donalsonville
Lynch Systems Inc Bainbridge
Master Wall, Inc. Midland
Swift Spinning, Inc. Columbus
Thrush Aircraft, Inc. Albany


All data is sourced from www.exim.gov, and represents export support since 2007 through 2014.

Jobs supported calculated by taking estimate of number of export jobs supported per $1 billion in export financing.

Find out more by visiting http://www.exim.gov/customcf/congressionalmap/us_map.cfm

* Lists largest companies in district by export sales supported.