Ex-Im Supports At Home: FL-25

Representative: Mario Diaz-Balart

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Exports Supported $1,725,224,017
Number Of Companies Supported 258
Number Of Jobs Supported 11,024


Exports Supported ($ in Millions) $8,174
Number Of Companies Supported 872
Number Of Jobs Supported 52,231

Companies In Your District

A-1 Machinery Corp. Doral
Aar Aircraft Services-Miami, Inc. Miami
Aaxico Doral
Aaxico Sales Inc Doral
Ac1 Supply Inc. Miami
Ace Hardware Corporation Doral
Adhesive Tape Products, Ltd. Medley
Adistec Corporation Miami
Advanced Instrumentations Inc Miami
Aero Components International, Corp Doral
Aeronautic Investments, Inc Doral
Aerospace Support Association Doral
Aeroturbine, Inc. Doral
Agrinova Co. Miami
Agro & Construction Solutions, Inc. Doral
Ags Enterprises, Inc. Doral
Aidc Corporation Miami
Aircraft Composite Technologies, Inc. Medley
Aljoma Lumber Inc. #369 Medley
Aljoma Lumber, Inc. Medley
Allied Truck & Machinery Sales, Inc. Miami
Allplus Computer Systems Corp Doral
American Composities Llc Doral
American Fine Food Corporation Doral
American Technical Assistance International Corp. Doral
Aragua, Inc Doral
Armstrong Equipment (Usa) Inc. Miami
Armstrong Equipment, Inc. Doral
Armstrong Power Systems Llc Doral
Artmark Associates, Inc. Doral
Aservin Export Llc Miami
Asphalt Research Technology, Inc Doral
Aureos Trading Group Automotive Parts, Llc Medley
Automation Systems Inc Doral
Automation Systems, Inc. Miami
Avac Of Florida, L.c. Doral
Avborne Heavy Maintainence, Inc. Miami
Aviation Brake Service, Inc. Miami
Aviation Chemical Solutions Inc Miami
Aviation Consulting, Inc. Miami
Aviation Logistics Corp Doral
Aviotrade Inc Miami
Aviotrade, Inc. Miami
Axn Enterprises, Inc. Miami
B/E Aerospace Inc. Consumables Managemen Doral
B/E Aerospace, Inc. Doral
Badia Spices, Inc. Doral
Balboa Sun, Llc. Miami Lakes
Ben Kaufman Sales Co., Inc. Medley
Bit Max International Inc. Doral
Blue Code Usa Llc Doral
Blumberg Industries, Inc. Miami Lakes
Bras Trading Inc Doral
Brightstar Corporation Medley
Broadband International Inc. Medley
Carrier Interamerica Corporation Medley
Ccm International Inc. Doral
Central American Shipping Agency, Corp. Miami
Cladirect, Inc. Doral
Col Business Corp Miami
Collection 2000 Cosmetics, Inc. Doral
Compunow Trading Corp Doral
Conagra Foods Miami
Concept Ii Cosmetics, Inc. Doral
Connect Way Usa, Corp. Miami
Construction Equipment Service Inc Miami
Dade Equipment, Inc. Medley
Daikin Applied Latin America, L.l.c. Miami
Dantzler, Inc. Hialeah
Datatex Corporation Doral
David Tate Export Inc Miami
David Tate Export, Inc. Miami
Deco Building Products International Inc. Miami
Dedienne Aerospace Llc Doral
Delmar Sourcing Llc Doral
Demetech Corporation Miami Lakes
Deoca Manufacturing Co. Miami
Dett International Inc. Hialeah
Drusa Services International, Inc. Doral
Dvp Air Trading Corp Doral
E.r. Truck & Equipment Corp. Miami
Earth’s Creation Usa, Inc. Miami
Electrical Support Miami
Elm Industrial Pipe & Fitting Supply Llc Miami
Emmanuel Holdings Inc Hialeah
Equipment Spare Parts Ltd., Inc. Miami
Evolution Trading Inc. Miami
F W Mestre Equipment Company Hialeah Gardens
Fenix International Inc Doral
Fire Technologies Corp. Miami
First Medical International Corp Miami
Florida Equipment & Parts, Inc. Miami
Florida Export Finance Corporation Doral
Flow Control And Handling Llc Miami
Froztec International, Inc. Hialeah
Gangaland Usa, Llc Miami
Gavilon, Llc Miami
General Electric Industrial Solutions Miami
General Electric International, Inc. Miami
Gerber Coburn Optical, Inc. Miami
Global Imantt Doral
Globaltek Office Supply, Inc. Doral
Gsm City Inc. Miami
H-e Parts Distribution Medley
Heico Aerospace Holdings Corp Miami
High Standard Aviation Inc Doral
Icp-Miami, Inc. Doral
Imaging Specialists Group Llc Doral
Imaging Specialists Group, The Doral
Impex Of Doral, Inc. Medley
Indumas Services Aka Oxy Supply Company Doral
Industrial & Marine Center, Llc Hialeah Gardens
Info-buy U.s.a. Corp. Doral
Intermetra Corporation Medley
International Bottlers Supply Corp Hialeah
International Contractors Club, Inc. Miami
International Electrical Sales Corporation Miami
International Reinforced Plastics, Inc. Hialeah
International Satellite Company Incorporated Miami
International Security & Trading Corp Doral
International Security And Trading Corp. Doral
International Trading Group, Inc. Pembroke Pines
Intertek Usa, Llc Doral
J & D Equipment Corp Doral
J.d.l. Industries-miami, Inc. Doral
J.R.D. Exports, Inc. Miami
Jademar Corporation Doral
Jason Marketing Corp Medley
Jason Marketing Corporation Medley
Jcm Electronic Inc. Doral
Jdl Industries Inc Doral
Jet Engine Technology Miami
Kambio Corporation Doral
Kelly Tractor Co. Doral
Kimball Electronic Laboratory Hialeah
Latin America Trading Enterprises, Inc. Doral
Latinex Trading Corporation Doral
Lfm International Corporation Miami
Life & Health Alternatives, Inc. Hialeah
Loman Distributors, Inc. Doral
Magna Group, Inc, The Doral
Mason Distributors Inc. Miami Lakes
Matra Inc Miami
Maya Enterprises, Inc. Doral
Meco Miami, Inc. Miami
Megaidea, Inc. Doral
Mercedes Electric Supply, Inc. Medley
Mia Data, Inc. Miami
Miami Computer Distributors, Inc. Doral
Midas Export Usa Corp. Miami
Mikalek Trading Inc Miami
Millenium Natural Manufacturing Corp. Doral
Millennium Machinery Parts & Service Corp Miami
Miyako Usa Inc. Miami
Molds Unlimited Inc. Hialeah
Nas Aerospace Repairs, Inc. Hialeah
Nc Games & Arcade Of America Inc Miami
New Continent Finance, Inc. Hialeah
New Distribution Concept Inc Miami
New Resources Aviation, Llc Miami
Nextran Corporation Miami
Nextran Truck Center Miami
Nital Trading Company Inc Medley
Northrock Enterprises Llc Pembroke Pines
Oil Solutions Inc Pembroke Pines
Okura Usa Inc. Doral
Omnitec Service Corporation Doral
Orbital Positioning Inc Pembroke Pines
Pacific Air Industries Medley
Pacific Scientific Company Medley
Pacific Services & Trading Miami
Paddington Paper And Supplies, Inc. Doral
Panexus Corp Doral
Pantropic Power Products Inc Doral
Parker-Hannifin Corporation Miami
Parts Mart, Inc. Doral
Peco International Electric, Inc. Doral
Pegsa Inc. Miami
Pelican Wire Company, Inc. Naples
Peniel Group, Llc Doral
Pinacle Trading Corporation Doral
Plastec Usa Medley
Power Master International, Inc. Pembroke Pines
Preferred Aviation Inc Miami
Preferred Aviation, Inc. Miami
Prexim Inc. Doral
Prime Log Solutions Corp. Doral
Promo International, Inc. Doral
Promo International, Inc. Medley
Protec, Inc. Miami
Qbex Electronics Corporation Doral
Quaddrix Technologies, Inc. Doral
Qualitas Trading U.s.a. Corp Doral
Qualitas Trading Usa Corp Doral
Quality 1 Export Inc Doral
Quirch Foods Co. Medley
Ranquel Engineering Inc. Doral
Rawpac Llc Medley
Republic Shipping Consolidators Inc Miami
Repuestos El Gringo, Inc. Miami
Robcar International, Inc. Hialeah
Rotating Equipment Specialists, Inc. Pembroke Pines
Royalty Motors Doral
Ryder Vehicle Sales, Llc Medley
Saeg Engineering Group, L.l.c. Miami
Safe Fuel Systems Hialeah
Saltex Group, Corp., The Miami
Sam’S Group Of Companies Doral
Samy Holding Company Doral
Sanchelima International Inc Doral
Sba Window Film Inc. Miami
Select Services International Doral
Service Aqua, Llc Hialeah
Sky Mart Sales Corp. Doral
Sky Mart Sales Corp. Doral
Sky Mart Sales Corporation Doral
Sky Patrol Llc Doral
Skypatrol Llc Doral
Slonim International, Inc. Medley
Smt Of America Corp. Doral
South American Parts Corporation Miami
South Dade Automotive, Inc. Miami
Spiegel Meats Inc Miami
Star Computer Group Miami
Strategic Business Group Limited, Corp. Medley
Structor Corp Doral
Sun Land & Rgitc, Co. Miami
Sunshine Export Inc Doral
Super Brite Screw Corp. Hialeah
Superior Logistics International (s.l.i.), Llc Doral
T&m Investments Of Miami Inc Doral
Technosystems Llc Hialeah
Tenko International Group Corp. Miramar
Tentech Corporation Doral
Tire Group International Inc Miami
Tire Group International Llc Miami
Tradinter Development Company, Inc. Miami
Transmidiesel Llc Miami
Trienergy Systems Llc Miami
Tropical Cartage Enterprises D.c., Inc. Doral
Tropical Foods Llc Doral
Tuvalsa South Florida, Inc. Miami
Tvc Latinamerica Ltda. Doral
Tyco Valves & Controls, Lp Miami Lakes
U.S. Trade Industries Inc. Hialeah
U.S. Welding & Safety Supply Co. Miami
U.S.A. Poultry, Import And Export Corp. Medley
United Turbine, Corp. Medley
Usa World Plastics, Llc Hialeah
Vertilux Limited Miami
Vip Fashion & Entertainment, Inc. Hialeah
Waterland Supply Co., Inc. Doral
Worldwide Produce Groceries Doral
X-games, Inc. Miami
Y Corporation Of America, Inc. Miami
Y.z.y., Inc. Miami
Y2k Computing Inc. Doral
Zion Connection, Inc Miami


All data is sourced from www.exim.gov, and represents export support since 2007 through 2014.

Jobs supported calculated by taking estimate of number of export jobs supported per $1 billion in export financing.

Find out more by visiting http://www.exim.gov/customcf/congressionalmap/us_map.cfm

* Lists largest companies in district by export sales supported.