Ex-Im Foregone Deal Of The Day: $2.5 Million Supporting Jobs In Georgia

On June 30, Congress allowed the charter for the U.S. Export-Import Bank to lapse. U.S. businesses of all sizes have now lost access to the support they need to export across the globe.

Before June 30, Ex-Im provided financing support that allowed U.S. companies to export on a daily basis, supporting U.S. jobs and economic growth in the process.

On this day last year, the Ex-Im Bank approved a credit insurance policy to help the House of Cheatham in Stone Mountain, Ga., export $2.5 million worth of personal and beauty care products.

Without Ex-Im, the House of Cheatham wouldn’t have access to the credit insurance they need to export their products and compete on the global market. Their foreign customers will now turn to companies in countries that provide robust export support.

The longer that Congress waits to reauthorize Ex-Im, the more U.S. jobs they put at risk.

Until Ex-Im is reauthorized, the Exporters for Ex-Im Coalition will highlight a new deal each day that would not have happened without Ex-Im financing.

In total, Ex-Im authorized more than $440 million in financing to 64 companies on July 8 since 2010. This financing support helps to level the playing field for American exporters in an increasingly unfair international arena.

Without Ex-Im Bank, U.S. companies are defenseless when competing against foreign companies that receive aggressive support from their home governments.

Congress must act to renew Ex-Im’s charter and protect American jobs.

You can read stories from more than 100 small businesses that explain how they have benefited from a partnership with Ex-Im Bank on our website: exportersforexim.org/category/stories/