Congress Goes On Recess, Leaves Jobs In Jeopardy

Washington, DC – The Exporters for Ex-Im Coalition released the following statement on the House’s failure to reauthorize Ex-Im prior to leaving for August recess:


“Job creators around the country are in a state of disbelief that Congress left town without finishing the important business of reauthorizing the Export-Import it is irresponsible to think that we can boost job growth while tying one hand behind the backs of exporters and manufacturers. this dangerous practice of putting politics before policy will result in job losses for which members of congress will be held accountable.”

Ex-Im Bank users issued the following statements today:


Tyler Schroeder, Financial Analyst, Air Tractor
Olney, TX

“It is unfathomable that the legislative leaders of this country would be more concerned with vacation than ensuring the long term vitality of U.S. small businesses by reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank. When the U.S. House of Representatives walks out of their offices today they will effectively be walking out on hundreds of thousands of American workers, forcing businesses across the country to fend for themselves against global competitors backed by entire nations. If our representatives do not remember who they represent soon, America’s leadership on the global stage will be lost forever.”

Jay White, CEO, Morrison Textile Machinery Company 

Fort Lawn, SC


“I don’t know why a small group of representatives are making it harder for me to grow my business and hire. But that’s just what they’re doing by going home without reauthorizing Ex-Im.”
Randy Barsalou, Owner, BCH Trading Co.
Hot Springs, AK

“As a small business user of the Ex-Im working capital program, I am in disbelief that Congress is leaving for summer break without a reauthorization vote. We use the program daily in tandem with our commercial bank, and it is absolutely vital to our existence given that 100% of our sales are exports.”

Eduardo Aguirre, Chairman and CEO, Atlantic Partners Group, LLC

Houston, TX


“It pains me to see U.S. exporters twisting in the wind while Ex-Im’s reauthorization is unnecessarily delayed. Hopefully members of Congress will use their August recess to listen to their many constituents. They will likely hear about the jobs and livelihoods created by the U.S. exports, which in turn depend on Ex-Im’s financing support.”


Daryl Bouwkamp, Sr. Director Intl Business Development & Government Affairs, Vermeer Corp. 

Pella, IA


“It is so frustrating to see Republican lawmakers, fellow conservatives, so badly misunderstand the role of Ex-Im Bank and how international transactions work that they would, in a well-intentioned but simple-minded way, turn this into a conservative litmus test. We understand the need for Ex-Im, and all institutions, to undergo continuous improvement but the premise of the U.S. Ex-Im Bank is solid so long as there are gaps in the global financing system. Republicans: get back to supporting jobs and the economy by authorizing Ex-Im Bank to enable the private sector.”

William Schubert, President, International Trade & Transportation Inc.

Houston, TX

“U.S. manufacturers and service providers (large and small) are losing out to our foreign competition for every day the U.S. Congress fails to act on the reauthorization of the Export-Import it is negligent and irresponsible for members of congress to put a higher priority on leaving town for their 6 week vacation than completing the legislation required to enable us businesses to compete internationally.”