Cincinnati Thermal Spray, Inc.

Cincinnati Thermal Spray, Inc. – Cincinnati, OH

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Cincinnati Thermal Spray (CTS) develops and applies advanced coatings and surface modifications for a wide range of industrial uses including aircraft engines. CTS has been in business since 1988 and employs 50 people in Rocky Point, NC.

CTS works closely with customers like GE Aviation and relies heavily on their ability to operate globally to sell product. In fact, CTS has been able to hire more employees with increased sales from companies like GE that develop product that is sold internationally. Without the ability for large companies like GE to sell internationally in a cost effective way, CTS operations will be impacted.

“It is important we reauthorize the Ex-Im Bank. Without it our sales and hiring will be potentially impacted.  The US needs something that gives us the ability to compete fairly in a global market. This is becoming increasingly more important as operations for all companies become more global.”