Ex-Im in California Supports:

23,318 million in export sales

1,096 companies supported

149,005 jobs supported

Senator Barbara Boxer: Download Pocketcard

Senator Dianne Feinstein: Download Pocketcard

Companies In Your State

Spv/Aviation Capital Group Corp. Newport Beach
Solar Turbines Incorporated San Diego
Boeing Satellite Systems, Inc. El Segundo/Torrance
Space Systems/Loral, LLC Palo Alto
Applied Materials Inc. Santa Clara
Spc/International Lease Finance Corp. Los Angeles
Summit Almonds LLC Orangevale
Solar Turbines International Company San Diego
Unical Aviation, Inc. Baldwin Park/City of Industry/Irwindale
Spv/Pegasus Aviation Finance Company San Francisco


​Los Angeles-Based Green Energy Developer Says Ex-Im Should Not Be a Political Issue

Permanente Corp. Los Angeles, California​

The Ex-Im Bank Helps Technology Maker Reach Academics Worldwide

DASCOR Inc. Oceanside, CA

​Insurance Broker: Ex-Im Provides Support Not Available In The Private Sector​

​​Meridian Finance Group Santa Monica, Calif.
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Recent News

Los Angeles Times: Export-Import Bank Could Be Revived Via Highway Funding Bill

Inland Empire Members Of House Back Continuation Of Export Bank

Export-Import Bank’s Cloudy Future Raises Worries Of Job Losses

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