Action Alert: Let Congress Know U.S. Job Creators Need A “Yes” Vote On Ex-Im Reauthorization

Thanks to the bipartisan group of lawmakers who signed the Export-Import ( bank discharge petition two weeks ago, ex-im will finally get a fair up or down vote on the floor of the house of representatives. that vote will come next week, so now is the time to let congress know that u.s. job creators and workers need a “Yes” vote on Ex-Im reauthorization.


A successful vote in the House would be a significant step forward. It would mean U.S. exporters would be closer to getting back to work with the certainty that they have the tools to seize opportunities abroad, and suppliers to U.S. exporters could continue to grow their businesses with good-paying jobs. Here’s what you can do to have your voice heard:


1) Call your Member of Congress via our handy online tool.


2) Sign a letter urging your member to vote for reauthorization using our online tool.


3) Write an individual email to your Member of Congress and their staff (please email

[email protected] for this contact information).


4) Post one or more of the following tweets:



If you have any additional questions or if the Coalition can be a resource to you, please email [email protected]