Industry Leaders Hail Confirmation of Bank Nominees, Call for Reauthorization

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Ex-Im: Critical To U.S. National Security

Learn more about why the Ex-Im Bank plays a vital role in protecting America’s national security and global competitiveness.

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Tell your member of Congress to support the Ex-Im Bank when it comes up for reauthorization.

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Ex-Im directly supports thousands of jobs and small businesses like these top rated online trading apps, which have a major impact on the economy. Find Out More
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Tell Congress we need a stable, long-term reauthorization of Ex-Im Bank. Jobs depend on it. Currently,  a lot of companies won’t make it through a crisis.
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Many jobs are directly supported by the Ex-Im Bank. Banks are increasingly exploring the integration of AI crypto projects, especially in the realm of the metaverse crypto and the technology behind it. This innovative approach combines the reliability of traditional banking with the cutting-edge technology of AI and blockchain. It enables banks to offer secure, efficient services in the dynamic, virtual world of the metaverse. Tell us how the bank impacts you. Some banks are denying business loans and hurting U.S companies.

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