Voices of Support

The Aerospace Industries Association Urges Congress To Vote Against All Amendments Regarding Ex-Im 

The National Association of Manufacturers Opposes All Amendments To H.R. 22 Related To Ex-Im

The Nuclear Energy Institute Urges Congress To Reject All Amendments To H.R. 22 Related To Ex-Im

U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Opposes Any Amendments To H.R. 22 Related To The Export-Import Bank

National Mining Association Calls for Ex-Im Renewal

Business Leaders Urge House Vote to Reauthorize the Export-Import Bank of the United States

AIA Urges Congress To Reauthorize Ex-Im

California Job Creator Calls For Ex-Im Reauthorization

Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium Letter of Support for Ex-Im to Rep. Comstock

Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium Letter of Support for Ex-Im to Rep. Goodlatte

Kentucky Businesswoman Makes The Case For Ex-Im

PA Job Creator Needs Ex-Im To Thrive

New York Small Business Founder Calls For Ex-Im Reauthorization

Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Urges Congress To Reauthorize the Export-Import Bank

U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Florida Delegation Letter In Support of Ex-Im 

U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Texas Delegation Letter In Support of Ex-Im

Letter From Texas Job Creator On Necessity of Ex-Im

Faces of Ex-Im: North Carolina

Satellite Industry Association Calls For Ex-Im Reauthorization

Texas Businesses Call On Rep. Hensarling To Allow Ex-Im Vote

Business Roundtable Letter of Support for Ex-Im

Navy League Supports Ex-Im Bank

Small Business Leaders on the Negative Impact of Ex-Im Bank Closure 

Aerospace Industries Association Calls for Long-Term Ex-Im Reauthorization

Aerospace Industry Tells Congress Ex-Im Needed To Keep US Competitive

Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance Calls For Ex-Im Reauthorization 

Council of State Governments Urges Ex-Im Reauthorization

Missouri Business Leaders Say Thousands of Jobs At Risk If Ex-Im Closes

Ohio Support For Ex-Im

Texas Small Biz Says Ending Ex-Im Would Be ‘Blow To Middle-Class Families’

Texas Job Creators Say Perry Is Turning His Back On Texas

Governor Of Iowa Tells Congress Ex-Im Bank Levels The Playing Field For US Companies

Iowa Companies Speak Out In Favor of Ex-Im

Banking Industry Says Can’t Fill The Void If Ex-Im Closes

Iowa Governor Urges Congressional Delegation To Support Ex-Im Reauthorization

Maryland Governor ‘Strongly Urges’ Congress To Support Ex-Im

Missouri Governor Tells Congress Ending Ex-Im Will Risk Job Growth

North Carolina Commerce Secretary Writes In Support Of Ex-Im

Texas Businesses Say It’s ‘Imperative’ For Congress To Reauthorize Ex-Im

Majority Of Governors Tell Congress To Reauthorize Ex-Im Now

The Port Of Freeport Supports Ex-Im

More Than 300 Businesses Tell Congress: Save U.S. Jobs!

Business Groups Tell Congress: Reauthorize Ex-Im Bank Now

Utah Business Leaders Urge Congress To Support Ex-Im

160 Mayors From Around The U.S. Urge Congress To Support Ex-Im

National Conference of State Legislatures Supports Ex-Im Reauthorization

Business Groups to Congress: Support Ex-Im

National Security Officials Urge Congress To Reauthorize Ex-Im

Mayors Say Ex-Im Supports U.S. Jobs, Congress Should Reauthorize It

President Reagan’s Labor Secretary Supports Ex-Im Bank

Texas Governor Rick Perry Wants Ex-Im Saved

31 Governors Strongly Urge Congress To Support Ex-Im Bank

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